Sensory Awakening

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We offer you workshops for sensory awakening. Entries here:

Sensory Awakening Workshop

For Who?

  • For parents and people in contact with children between the ages of 0 and 3

Touch Sensory Awakening

For what?

Stimulate the child through his senses: the sight, the touch, the hearing, the smell and the taste.

And at the same time:
• Rediscover as an adult its own sensoriality
• Discover simple techniques and materials accessible to reproduce easily in the respect of nature and the environment
• Share a moment out of the daily life

Touch Sensory Awakening


  • By opening the eyes and the sensibility of each
  • By relearning to observe, feel, feel…
  • Using: Elements of nature
    • Recovered or recycled materials
    • Sensory material created by the association or purchased from local partners and/or engaged in a responsible and eco-sustainable production process
    • Montessori Equipment

All the senses are interconnected and influence the development of the global development. All the senses will be in action during the workshop but the focus is on each session on a specific meaning and the equipment and techniques vary according


  • At the micro-crèche the cosy nest (149 rue de la Gare. Carvin

Sensory Awakening View


  • 5 sessions for 5 senses:
    • September 29th: the view;
    • October 6: Touch;
    • October 20: Hearing;
    • October 27th: Smell;
    • November 10: The Taste
  • From 9.30 am to 10.30 am: Non-walking babies;
  • From 10:40 to 11:40 baby walkers and children.

Touch Sensory Awakening

By who?

  • The Sensory Awakening workshops are provided by a teacher of young children of State also trained in the management of adult groups.

How many?

  • One workshop per direction: 12 euros for one child and one adult (2 euros per additional child)
  • If inscriptions at 5 workshops: 50 Euros for one child one adult (2 euros per additional child for 5 sessions)

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