Montessori pedagogy

The Montessori pedagogy is an active and differentiated pedagogy where the child is at the heart of learning: the Montessori pedagogy encourages indeed the development of autonomy.

Montessori material was developed to isolate problems and track the progress of each child. The rhythm of each child is respected.

"The school should become the place where the child can live in freedom. » Maria Montessori

Within a Montessori atmosphere, the child has a greater freedom, within a well-defined framework. Indeed, freedom rule without framework, leaves the child in solitude. Specifically, the child is free to move, to choose its activity, talk with classmates.

Each of its freedoms is bound to rules, as for example:

  • Move: walk without running and avoid the mat reserved for activities
  • Choose: Take a material if it is stored in its place
  • Talk: Talk about it calmly in order to let other children focus

"If the child was unable to obey the directives of its sensitive period, the opportunity of a natural conquest is lost, lost forever» Maria Montessori, the child (1935)

During his experiments, Maria Montessori realized that the development of the child through periods of so-called 'sensitive'. From birth to about 6 years, the child passes through 6 sensitive periods:

  • the period of the language (more or less between 2 months and 6 years old)
  • the period for the coordination of the movements (more or less between 18 months and 4 years)
  • the period of the order (more or less from birth to 6 years)
  • the period of refinement of the senses (more or less between 18 months and 5 years)
  • the period of social behaviour (more or less between 2.5 and 6 years old)
  • the period of small objects (very short period in the 2nd year)

Each parent was able to realize the attraction of her child for storage during the sensitive period to the order, sometimes with an obstinacy without Terminal. It goes the same for the other periods, the child needs to go at the end of his apprenticeship. During these periods, the child learns naturally, it is engine of learning. The educator role is to observe the behavior of the child and to propose activities for the period through which it passes.

In France, the pedagogy is represented by the Association Montessori de France, affiliated with the Association Montessori Internationale.
Montessori pedagogy