Associative school

The school will open in January 2017, to Philadelphia, 20 minutes from Lille (North).

For this first day of school, we will welcome 7 children from 2 and a half years to 6 years, supervised by an educator trained at the Montessori and caring communication.

Subsequently, we also wish to hire an English-speaking teacher to allow learning of English immersion.

We are a not-for-profit (law 1901) association wishing to know the pedagogy of Maria Montessori and make it accessible to the largest number.
The Association registered the project in a dimension of general interest, opening to the public, preserving the character secular and apolitical activities.

The status of the school "out of contract" is free. The school agrees with the official bodies and depends on for what is the content of education.

It is a structure which is in small numbers to monitor custom of each child. Learning is done with common sense and respect for different individuals.


Create the ideal environment for the development of the child is our goal.


We will be welcomed on agricultural land of about 1000 m 2. The school will take place in a yurt of 50 m2 within the ERP category 5 standards and accessibility PMR.


A vegetable garden in permaculture will be set up to introduce children to the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.

Autonomous activity

The employed pedagogy aims the development of self-confidence, self-esteem and independence. The Montessori atmosphere is designed to allow the child to move towards this goal. A large part of the activities are individual and every material exists only in a single copy.

Specifically, here's what happens during an activity:

  1. The child freely chooses its activity.
  2. The educator conducts a demonstration to the child.
  3. The child observes, thought and manipulates the material.

Beaches of working long

The material made available to the child aims to fix the attention of it by answering a domestic need for its development.

Once attention is awakened, the child will seek a presentation and then will handle the equipment. Manipulation will allow him to intensify his attention, which will lead to repeat business. The repetition of the activity causes the concentration that makes it possible to work of internal structuring in childhood.

In the choice of equipment meets a domestic need, will succeed the deliberate choice, fruit of a reflection, a comparison of a will.

To make this possible, educators will ensure that the child's activity can take place over a sufficiently long time (two hours and a half). This implies that one should not interrupt work on a focused child.

Montessori material: a material development:

Montessori material opportunity child find grounds of activities with a consistent goal, which meet the needs related to its sensitive periods.

This material allows among others to clarify its voluntary movements, to refine their senses to explore and evaluate its environment. What helps it to define its place in this environment.

Montessori material intervenes in all areas: writing, reading, mathematics, geography, music, Botany, zoology, drawing etc. …

A large part of the Montessori material has a special quality: it allows the child access to the concept, the abstraction of sensory way. The acquisition of notions such as dimensions, colors, the number, letters etc. … is underpinned by an experience printed in the body via the senses and movement.

schoolExample of sensory learning of writing materials


The Tower rose: insulation of the difficulties = increased concentration

You can learn more about the schools out of contracts, consulting:

A school near Lille

The school is located at:

  • 5 minutes from Annoeullin and Seclin
  • 10 minutes of Wattignies
  • 20 minutes from Lille