Our history

Association born in Lille

The school is an association law 1901 nonprofit and human interest, based in Gondecourt, near Lille.

All parents adhere and are ex officio members.
When they enroll their children, parents are committed to actively participate in the running of the school.

Everyone can get involved in different fields:

  • Accompaniment of the children
  • Organization of events
  • The Montessori equipment manufacturing
  • Workshop with children (DIY, gardening, etc.)

Our history

Here is the testimony of the initiator of the project:

It all started in 2013, I was then pregnant with my daughter. The arrival of the first child is a leap into the unknown, I fills me heavily on childbirth and parenthood.

I view Maria Montessori, Isabelle Filliozat, Thomas Gordon and many others. Scientific training, Montessori pedagogy echoes in me. It seems so appropriate, simple, obvious!

I do not understand why it is not more widespread in France (there more than 1000 in Germany). I hope that a maximum of children can enjoy this active method, where the rhythm of the child is respected. I then start in the creation of this slightly crazy project: open a Montessori school. Month after month, the project materializes. I meet with educators, creators of school. I realize that it is possible.


The association is based on the following values:

  • respect (children, men, the environment, etc.)
  • sharing, Exchange
  • solidarity

We want to promote non-violent communication, caring, positive discipline. The school will organize parenting workshops in order to discover these concepts beyond the circle of parents of students.


Our goal is to publicize the Montessori pedagogy, and making it accessible to the greatest number.

We put our action in the movement "Hummingbirds".