A passionate and committed team


Aurore Huble

Creator of the project manager – 31 years, computer engineer
I discovered the Montessori pedagogy, 3 years ago.
I found this fabulous method and I want to make it accessible to the greatest number. Through my training and my experience, I have skills in terms of project management. I also followed a specific training dedicated to the creation of school Montessori.J' ensures the management of the project (budget, recruitment, local, administration, communication, etc.).
When the school will be open, I will work on a voluntary basis, as Director of the school, in parallel with my professional activity.
Depending on the evolution of the school over the years (open class), we will recruit a teacher/Director.


Oriane Bécu

IAH's project/educator Montessori 3-6 years
Open-mindedness – rigor – Initiative – playful – natural – artist
I fed my learning project for five years now, various experiences in France and abroad at the University and at the Alliance Française in China for children, teenagers, students and adults in a professional situation. But it is the children that caught my attention recently. I have indeed supported a project of installation of Montessori equipment in a French nursery school to the Peru. I initiated with the spirit of the pedagogy of Maria Montessori: listening, tracking individual, respect of the pace of learning of each child, environment suitable… This inspired me to the highest point. I added my desire to empower children in practical life beyond learning basis through the presentation of material. My wish is that children learn otherwise. I wish also to awaken children to cultivate the land in total compliance with the environment, and raise awareness of animal care. I also have a deep interest for non-violent communication.