Typical day

3-6 years typical day

Here is the description of a day in the mood 3-6 years.

8 h Daycare. Children's individualized home.
8 h 45 – 9 h 00 Individualized care by educators for the start of the Montessori workshops.
9 h 00 Grouping (time to Exchange classroom / share on a theme given or free time).
9 h 15 Montessori work, individual workshop or spontaneous groups. the children take an activity they already know or ask educators presentations of new activities. Various workshops are to awaken the children throughout the year: workshop manual, English, art, music and dance.
11 h 15 / 11 h 30 – 12 h 15 Implementation table for lunch with the children. Lunch.
12 h 15 – 13 h 00 Recreation, free games (during this time a small group can help to clear, clean and do the dishes)
1:00 pm – 1: 15 p.m. Quiet time for napping. Children choose either to sleep or to listen to a story or listen to soft music.
1: 15 p.m. NAP for children and adults who wish to sleep.
13 h 15 – 13 h 45 Quiet time for older children with books.
13 h 45 – 15 h Work around the Montessori material for adults.
3: 00 pm Recreation for adults.
3: 00 pm / 3:30 pm Alarm spread the siesta.
3:30 pm Taste.
4:00 pm Workshop (kitchen, Garden, drawing, body expression depending on the day).
16 h 30 – 16 h 45 End of the day, parents come to pick up their child.
16 h 30 – 18 h 00 Childcare with fun activities.


In the Montessori pedagogy, the moment of the meal is an exercise in practical life. Children are invited to participate actively in the implementation and storage. Parents wishing their child eats at school must provide a packed lunch. Children's lunch at the House, the lunch break takes place between 11:45 to 13: 00.


Snacks will be provided by the school, and composed of ingredients from organic farming, of French origin and season.